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Belle Beau Chalk Paint Soft Touch Furniture Finishing Wax - 500g

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- Belle Beau Original Chalk Paint is a high quality, easy to use, water-based decorative dense matte paint designed to distress naturally over time with ColourRich pigments for deep, rich colours and AcroH fast drying activators
- Create stunning decorative works of art easily with furniture, walls and items made from a variety of materials
- For Use On: All types of interior and exterior furniture, walls and floors including surfaces made from fibre cement, stone, brick, wood, brick, plaster, metal, plastic and glass
- Works perfectly over old painted and varnished surfaces
- Finishes: Chalk Paint gives a very matte finish and so a Finishing Wax is required to protect the surface, deepen the colour and give a distressed look
- Belle Beau Soft Touch Finishing Wax: Our Soft Touch Finishing Wax is a beautifully smooth wax that dries to a soft, velvety sheen for protecting furniture from liquid spills.
- The heat resistant properties also protect the furniture from hot objects

- A variety of techniques is possible with Belle Beau Original Chalk Paint
- Distressing using the Belle Beau Soft Touch Finishing Wax
- Antiquing: Exposed surface to give a worn look
- Contrasting where the 2nd coat is a contrasting colour to the base coat and sanded to expose the base coat

Features & Benefits:
- ColourRich pigments: Deep and rich long lasting colours
- AcroH fast drying activators: Quick drying time between coats
- Water-Based: Easy to use and quick drying
- Lead Free & Non-Flammable: Safe to use
- Low VOC: Safe for the environment
- Works on all surfaces: No restrictions as to what you can paint
- 500g

- 8 - 12 square metre's per litre per coat depending on the porosity of the surface
- LEAD FREE : Suitable for use on children's furniture and toys
- Methods of Application: Brush & roller for walls, for decorative effects use tools specially designed i.e. long pile, mohair, fine sponge or pattern roller
- Thinning: Do not thin
- Clean Up: Clean all tools while wet with water after use

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