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Secure-It - Padlock

CISA LL 63mm Solid Brass Bolt Cutter Resistant Insurance Padlock

R 355.00 R 385.00

CISA Locking Line 63mm Solid Brass Insurance Padlock with2 Keys
Real security padlocks used in mines and municipalities
• When it comes to durability and reliability, CISA guarantees the best performance over the long term offering a 10 year guarantee.
• Designed for high use in residential and commercial applications.
• NICKEL plated, Carbon-Nitrogen hardened steel shackle for strength and anti-corrosion.
•The rectangular shape of the padlock and the straight shackle bolt make it virtually impossible to use bolt cutters to cut the shackle bolt.

Padlock width: 63mm
Shackle Length: 19mm
Shackle Diameter: 10mm
Distance between shackle and padlock body: 13.5mm

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