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Secure-It - Padlock

CISA LL 65mm Nickel, Pick & Drill Resistant Euro Cylinder

R 205.00 R 235.00

CISA Locking Line 65mm Euro Double Cylinder Nickel Plated Brass
CISA cylinders are tested to a minimum of 100,00 cycles, making them truly the most reliable cylinders on the market today.
Improve your security where it matters by upgrading from old fashioned lever lock keys to CISA cylinder key security.
Benefits are:
Better key security as CISA cylinder keys are not available like lever keys, which are pre-cut and numbered for someone to purchase over the counter and unlock your front door for example.
The only way to have your CISA cylinder key duplicated is to take the original into a locksmith.
CISA cylinders are pick and drill resistant
5 pin key bitting system
Brass body and internal plug
Self-lubricating sintered steel projecting cam. The projecting cam prevents the cylinder from being forced out of position by a hammer or similar.
Over 30 000 key differs compared to 100 key differs for lever locks means that the probability that someone else has the same key is very low.
The CISA key itself is made from a special brass alloy to prevent snapping with a nickel plating to prevent oxidisation
Supplied with 3 keys per cylinder

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