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Do-It 8 piece Paint Brush Kit for Gloss Enamel Paints

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"This Do-It 8 piece brush and roller set is ideal for painting high gloss enamels onto smooth surfaces either wood or metal.

The 3 piece paint brushes included are made from pure Chinese bristle and are ideal for D.I.Y painting of High Gloss Enamels onto smooth surfaces, wood or metal.

The sponge rollers are made from a high quality foam to ensure an excellent smooth finish.

Protect edges with masking tape supplied and protect your floor with the extra strong 50 micron drop sheet.
The Kit consists of:
1 x 3 piece pure Chinese bristle paint brushes 25/38/50mm
1 x Sponge Roller (110mm) with tray
2 x Sponge Roller (110mm) Refill
1 x 24mm masking tape
1 x drop sheet 50 micron

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