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IKA Shield Anchor Expansion Eye Bolt 8 x 80mm for concrete, brickwork & stone

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IKA Loose Shield Anchor Expansion Eye Bolt for concrete, brickwork & stone
  • Suitable for temporary or permanent anchorage
  • Supplied complete with shield, washer and hex nut
  • Must not be used for safety harness applications or for lifting where shock load could be applied


  • Anchor designed and manufactured for maximum performance
  • Pressed steel segments ensure consistent dimensional accuracy
  • Optimum geometry taper angle for maximum expansion in all substrates
  • Bolt Grade 5.8 Steel Zinc Plated for improved shear loading.


  • Bolt Size: M8
  • Shield Length: 50mm
  • Overall Length: 87mm
  • Drill hole diameter in structure: 14mm
  • Minimum hole depth: 55mm
  • Effective embedment depth: 40mm
  • Approximate diameter of eye: 12mm
  • Recommended torque in 30N/mm² concrete: 15Nm
  • Recommended torque in 20.5N/mm² brickwork: 7.5Nm

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