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Monument Water Saving DIY Tap Re-seater Repair Tool for Dripping & Leaking taps

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Got leaking taps?
A single leaking tap can waste up to 30 000 litres of precious water per year.

Save water in minutes with the simple Monument Tap Re-seating tool. It's basically a PLUMBER IN YOUR POCKET

Very often with leaking taps the valve seat of the tap is worn so replacing the washer won't stop the tap from leaking. Only re-seating the valve seat of the tap will fix it.

The Monument DIY tap reseater comes with three sized hardened cutters: 17, 19 and 25mm diameters to fit the most common tap sizes.

With easy to read instructions it takes just a few minutes to re-seat and repair a leaking tap with the Monument Tap Re-seater.

See here how to reseat your leaking tap

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