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Monument Extra Powerful Micro Drain Plunger for sinks & basins

R 125.00 R 150.00

Manufactured in the U.K., this high quality powerful small plunger has an incredible suction for it's size. You will be amazed at how easily it unblocks sink and basin drains.

This is a must have for every home.

The micro plunger has an excellent grip handle to ensure a firm hold when pulling up from an in-suction position.

The flexible design and high quality plastic will ensure it maintains is powerful suction for years without becoming brittle or cracking.

Limited to a one hand operation. If you are concerned about not having the strength for a one hand plunger and you require a two hand operation then the Handy Drain Plunger will be best suited.

Height: 195mm
Radius at base: 110mm

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