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Monument Super Suction Handy Drain Plunger for sinks & basins

R 199.00 R 250.00

When it comes to plungers for blocked drains, the Monument one piece Handy Plunger has a seriously powerful and strong suction for unblocking sink and basin drains around the home.

As far as home use is concerned the Handy Drain Plunger will tackle blocked drains with ease. Get used to a seriously powerful suction for unblocking sink and basin drains drains quickly every time.

The handle is longer than the Micro Plunger but shorter than the Mini Master Plunger and will require a fair amount of bending down when tackling shower and bath drains.
With a secure grip for one to two hands the Handy Drain Plunger is an ideal solution for blocked sink and basin drains where the strength of two hands is required.

The wide base of 120mm diameter and the 130mm height of the suction chamber combined with superior design and a high quality plastic makes the Mini Master Plunger an excellent home drain unblocker.
Total Height: 310mm
Suction Chamber Height: 130mm
Base Width: 120mm

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