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WondaSeal 5L Brick Sealer, Water-Based and Quick Drying

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WondaSeal Brick Sealer is a waterbased, non-toxic, quick drying sealer for all types of Brick both floor and wall.

Use for both interior and exterior with a beautiful sheen finish.

  • Tough and durable, WondaSeal Brick Sealer will seal against water, dirt and oil.
  • It contains a UV inhibitor, which increases its weather and sun resistance. The built in anti-fungicide retards fungal growth.
  • WondaSeal Brick sealer absorbs into the substrate and therefore will not crack, peel or flake.
  • To test suitability, perform a water test by placing droplets of clean water on the surface of the tile and if the water absorbs into the tile within 25 seconds, the tile is porous enough for sealing.
  • If it takes about 45 seconds for the water to absorb then dilute the first coat 50/50 with clean water.

Colour: Milky in colour, dries clear.

Approximate Coverage:
6m-8m per litre per coat depending on porosity surface.

Note: Always test on a small surface area.
Special Note: For new floor brickwork, allow effervescence (white powder) to draw out by wetting surface frequently over two weeks before applying WondaSeal Brick Sealer.

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