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WondaSeal-Pro WoodLife Oil Preservative & Wax Sealer: Meranti Red

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WondaSeal-Pro WoodLife, an exterior Oil Based wood preservative and wax sealer in one has been scientifically formulated for the builder, painter and serious D.I.Y. enthusiast who demand a high performing timber treatment at a reasonable price.

ColorRich™ Pigments
WondaSeal –Pro WoodLife contains ColorRich™ pigments for deep rich and long lasting wood colours. Wood has never looked this good!

SoftTouch™ Wax
WoodLife contains a unique formulation called SoftTouch ™Wax using engineered wax that delivers and exceptionally smooth silky feel to wood. As well as being an excellent exterior timber treatment, WoodLife with SoftTouch™ Wax is perfect for outdoor furniture. Wood has never felt this good!

Ultra UV Protection
WoodLifes’ protection of wood against the sun has both UVA and UVB inhibitors to give wood that extra protection in the sun intensive summer months.

Simple, easy and time-saving maintenance
Forget about ever having to re-sand your wood when it appears dry or weathered. Simply clean the wood with a cloth and rub down with a steel cloth to remove stubborn dirt and you’re ready to re-apply WoodLife.

Deep Nourishing
WoodLife’s combination of both oil and wax means that the fibres of the wood are nourished from below the wood surface. The wax forms a slight film to keep the oil locked in the wood for longer.

Keeps up appearances
As WoodLife does not form a surface coating like a varnish, it will never peel, crack or flake so your exterior timber will never be an eyesore.

Reliable Quality
WondaSeal-Pro Woodlife is made in an SABS ISO9000 audited factory to ensure each batch maintains the same consistent quality standard.

Bug and Fungus Free
WoodLife contains both highly effective non-toxic insecticides and biocides to ensure that your timber remains pest and fungus free.

Standard Colours:
Clear, Dark Oak, Golden Brown, Meranti Red, Mahogany
Pack Sizes
1L & 5L

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